7 Reasons to buy a Hydropool Hot Tub

Why Choose a Hydropool Hot Tub?


1) Self-cleaning system

Why Choose a Hydropool Hot Tub? The Hydropool Self-Cleaning system cleans 100% of the water every 15 minutes, using a range of technologies which work together to keep your hands-on hot tub maintenance to a minimum.

  • The triangular floor vacuum removes settling sediment.
  • The high flow skimmer & pre-filter cleans across the surface of the water.
  • Pressurised micro-filtration with removable easy-clean core filter.
  • Especially designed filtration jets, strategically placed to direct floating debris towards the high flow skimmer.
  • Optional Ozone and UV combines to eliminate 99% of contaminants and works to prevent calcium and Biofilm from building up inside pipework. This feature reduces chemical usage by 50%,
  • The dosing in-line feeder makes easy work of chlorine management and other water treatments.

Learn more about Hydropool Self-Cleaning technology

2) Designed, innovated and made in Canada

Established in Mississauga, Canada in 1980, Hydropool is recognised worldwide for excellence and innovation in the hot tub and swim spa industry.

  • Designed alongside professional athletes and physiotherapists to provide real hydrotherapy and beneficial massage.
  • Built in our dedicated Canadian factory to industry-leading standards.
  • Engineered to retain heat and withstand extreme arctic temperatures.
  • Number one brand of choice for professional sports teams such as The Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers.
  • Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas are installed in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Hydropool are committed to minimising and neutralising the carbon emissions through lean manufacturing processes.

3) Maximum efficiency insulation

  • For minimal impact on your electricity bill, Hydropool hot tubs have been engineered for energy efficiency and locking heat in
  • Pipework is wrapped in heavy-duty plastic wrap, which supports the pipework and creates insulating air pockets
  • The inner shell and cabinet is insulated with triple-pane, silver-backed Thermal Shield blanket, similar to the material used by N.A.S.A in their space suits
  • Waste heat from the pumps and heater is captured and redirected back into the hot tub
  • Heavy-duty, lockable hard cover is 4″ thick in the middle and tapers to 3″ at the edges to allow rain run-off. Fold areas are made with insulated baffle for locking heat in
  • The cabinet has vents to open on hot summer days to let out excess heat (yes, they’re that well-insulated!)

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4) Advanced pressurised filtration

Water is pushed through the filter under pressure. This ensures the whole of the filter is used, unlike a gravity fed filter. It takes only 15 minutes to clean 100% of the water.

The two-stage filter features a Microban outer mesh with a fine inner core, which will filter down to 5 microns – the size of a white blood cell!

5) Jets and high flow-rate pumps

  • Multiple types of jet, easily interchangeable to suit each user.
  • Get deep tissue massage to work different muscle groups with our Hydrotherapy Wellness Programs – timed sequences of jet patterns innovated to aid:
    – Leg pain
    – Back pain
    – Sports recovery
    – Headaches
    – Insomnia
    – Stress
    – Diet boost
    – Full body awakening
    Wellness Programs, at the touch of a button, are a standard feature on our Self-Cleaning Platinum models.

In hot tubs, pumps should be designed to be low horsepower with high flow rate. This means the pumps are properly rated for the jets, they pump a high volume of water and remain energy efficient.

  • In a Hydropool hot tub, the pumps and jets have been designed as one system. The number, style, and power of the jets is correct for the pumps.
  • Hydropool low amperage Evergreen pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output.
  • Many other hot tub brands have an arbitrary number of jets and pumps to inflate their specification.
  • The maximum rating of any hot tub pump is 4 horsepower as it is impossible to run anything bigger on a home electrical panel.
  • American horsepower ratings are different to european ratings.
  • Water flow control is more important than horsepower ratings.
  • Oversized horsepower pumps raise your electric bill.
  • There is no set standard for rating horsepower in the hot tub industry.
  • Look for strong water jets with high gallon-per-minute rating and a lower horsepower rating.
  • The test is to physically feel the power of the water jets and compare it to the gallons per minute ratings and the horsepower ratings.
  • When researching hot tubs, you may come across “market rating” or an “uprating”. These ratings only measure the horsepower during start-up, not continuous running.

6) Choice

With the range of options Hydropool offer, you can practically build-your-own hot tub to suit your requirements.

  • Choose your model – size with seat and lounger configuration.
  • Choose your exterior cabinet colour
  • Choose your interior shell colour
  • Choose your package options – additional features such as:
    – HydroFlex heated air massage therapy
    – Cascading HydroFall pillow jets
    – Northern Lights LED lighting
    – DreamScents aromatherapy essential oils and in-feed release system.

7) Easy maintenance

  • Panels are attached magnetically for ease of access inside the cabinet. No screwdriver required.
  • Easy-drain system using shut off valve, built in drain pipe, and floor vacuum system – there’s no need for an external sump pump to drain.
  • Our self-cleaning technologies work hard for you, meaning less frequent drain down compared with other hot tubs on the market.

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Energy Efficient

  • NASA inspired insulation keeps heat inside the tub
  • Hydropool are ranked in the top 3 spa manufacturers in the world for energy efficiency
  • Insulating hard cover locks heat in and keeps cold out
  • Hydropool Evergreen pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output.

Made in Canada

  • Hydropool have been making Hot Tubs & Swim Spas for 40 years
  • Engineered for -40°c Canadian winters
  • Designed with physiotherapists & sports professionals
  • Manufactured by Hydropool in Canada

Exclusive Wellness Programs

Our Guarantee

No quibble guarantee – 10 Years on Hot Tub structure (cabinet and frame), 5 Years on hot tub shell, 3 Years on hot tub components.

Build Quality

Build Quality

35 Years Hot Tub & Swim Spa experience. Over-engineered for the UK as they’re designed to withstand extreme arctic temperatures yet retain their heat.

Easy Drain

Easy Drain

Easy drain system using shut off valve, built in drain pipe, and floor vacuum system – no need for an external sump pump to drain hot tub.

Designed with athletes & Professionals

Designed with athletes & Professionals

To provide real hydrotherapy and massage to help alleviate a wide range of ailments.

Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy

A timed sequence using multiple hot tub zones to maximise the effect of each hydrotherapy programme.

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