Hydropool Midlands servicing

At Hydropool Midlands we are on hand to assist with any service calls and health checks for your hot tub and swim spa to keep it in perfect working order. From leaking pumps to broken jets we’ve got you covered. We know hot tubs and swim spas are a huge investment so it is important you  to keep yours in perfect condition, to preserve its lifespan for years of enjoyment! 


Hot tub and swim spa Health Checks

The Hydropool Midlands team is very knowledgeable so we can assure you your hot tub or swim spa will be in safe hands with us and you can be sure you will always receive great quality service! We offer two different health check packages for you to choose from with price variations depending on whether you own a Hot Tub or a Swim Spa (See below for pricing details). We recommend you have a health check after one year of owning a hot tub or a swim spa and each year thereafter! This reduces the risk of anything going wrong and keeps your hot tub or swim spa running smoothly!

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Hot tub and swim spa repairs

If you encounter a problem with your hot tub or swim spa our engineers are available to come out, diagnose the issue and then resolve it quickly and efficiently. Meaning your hot tub or swim spa will be back up and running again in no time, ready for you to enjoy! If we can repair your hot tub or swim spa there and then we will. However, some jobs may require replacement parts to be ordered, if this is the case we shall order them and as soon as they arrive revisit your property to finish the job. Our costs will vary depending on parts and time required to fix your hot tub or swim spa!

(See below for more information on pricing)

Hot tub moving and relocation

Another service we offer at Hydropool Midlands is relocating or moving your hot tub or swim spa. Maybe your garden is being redesigned and your hot tub or swim spa will be in a different position, or you're moving house and you want to take your hot tub and swim spa with you! At Hydropool Midlands we can sort that - each job is very individual so we will quote you after receiving information on where the hot tub or swim spa is being moved to and conduct a site survey if necessary. For a swim spa move a crane is normally required which we will organise!

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Standard Health Check

Included in our Standard Health Check is:

  • Basically an MOT for your hot tub!
  • Inspection of plumbing seals
  • Inspection of jets and jet housings
  • Balance of water chemistry
  • Function and feature test

Hot tub: £299 Swim Spa: £399

Deluxe Health Check

Included in out Health Check & Flush is:

  • Inspection of plumbing seals
  • Inspection of jets and jet housings
  • Balance of water chemistry
  • Function and feature test
  • A full system flush removing any build up
  • Draining of Hot tub

Hot tub: £399 Swim spa: £499


*Parts not included

  • Leaks
  • Broken jets
  • Replacement heaters
  • Replacement pumps and air blowers
  • Tripping electrics
  • Broken control panel

Initial call out: £140/30mins

Prices subject to being in a 20 mile radius. Further distances will incur higher costs. 

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How often should a hot tub or swim spa be serviced?

We recommend getting your hot tub or swim spa serviced once a year. This ensures there is no deterioration of parts/seals and you can have a piece of mind that your chemical maintenance is correct. Have your hot tub or swim spa serviced yearly reduces the risk of future problems and may detect small issue that would otherwise go unnoticed and lead to more serious problems. 

What is routine maintenance on a hot tub and swim spa?

The routine maintenance that we recommend you should carry out on your Hot Tub regularly, is checking chemical levels, rinsing your filter and keeping water levels topped up. This will help keep your Hot tub in tip top condition! Routine maintenance helps to detect small problems such as leaks before they turn into something more serious and cause the hot tub damage, which would incur higher costs!

Are hot tubs and swim spas easy to maintain?

The simple answer is yes! When you first get your hot tub you have to initially chemically balance the water - this may take a bit more work. However, it should be smooth sailing from there! We recommend checking the water with a test strip at least weakly which will indicate if any chemicals need adding. After using your hot tub or swim spa we also recommend you top the water back up with chlorine granules to replenish what would have been used!

How often should I change my hot tub or swim spa water ?

We recommend you do a partial water change every 6 months. Drain half of your water then top it back up with fresh water. This will make it easier to rebalance your chemicals! The only time you are required to completely drain your hot tub is when the water is chemically saturated, which means it can no longer hold anymore minerals that are dissolved in it.  You can tell when the water is chemically saturated as excess scale will start to form. At this point completely fresh water is required. 

Do you repair hot tubs and swim spas?

Yes! We have our own engineers at Hydropool Midlands, which are on hand incase anything goes wrong with your hot tub or swim spa! If you discover a problem give us a call and we can send an engineer out to diagnose what is wrong and determine a solution. If we can't fix it on the day we will revisit you as soon as possible. If you require any new parts we will order and fit them for you.  

If you have any further questions or wish to speak to anyone from our team regarding service calls please click below to contact us.

Energy Efficient

  • NASA inspired insulation keeps heat inside the tub
  • Hydropool are ranked in the top 3 spa manufacturers in the world for energy efficiency
  • Insulating hard cover locks heat in and keeps cold out
  • Hydropool Evergreen pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output.

Made in Canada

  • Hydropool have been making Hot Tubs & Swim Spas for 40 years
  • Engineered for -40°c Canadian winters
  • Designed with physiotherapists & sports professionals
  • Manufactured by Hydropool in Canada

Exclusive Wellness Programs

Our Guarantee

No quibble guarantee – 10 Years on Hot Tub structure (cabinet and frame), 5 Years on hot tub shell, 3 Years on hot tub components.

Build Quality

Build Quality

35 Years Hot Tub & Swim Spa experience. Over-engineered for the UK as they’re designed to withstand extreme arctic temperatures yet retain their heat.

Easy Drain

Easy Drain

Easy drain system using shut off valve, built in drain pipe, and floor vacuum system – no need for an external sump pump to drain hot tub.

Designed with athletes & Professionals

Designed with athletes & Professionals

To provide real hydrotherapy and massage to help alleviate a wide range of ailments.

Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy

A timed sequence using multiple hot tub zones to maximise the effect of each hydrotherapy programme.

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Visit our large indoor hot tub showroom (newly renovated!) and find the perfect hot tub for you. We are hot tub & swim spa specialists, with the largest swim spa showroom in the Midlands which opened in January 2020. We design & build bespoke pool rooms with our sister company, Cabin Master. You can also buy hot tub chemicals here at our Nottingham hot tub showroom.

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