Swim Spas

Hydropool Swim Spas provide a range of the most versatile installations for relaxing, perfecting your swimming skills, exercising, or simply enjoying your own swimming pool at home.

Unlike hot tubs, swim spas have much larger enclosures than a regular hot tub, and are specially designed to provide resistance to the user through the use of high-powered swim jets. The flow of water from these jets pushes against the user as they swim, which holds them in position and allows them to swim in place.

This revolutionary method of water propulsion means that you can achieve the feeling of swimming full laps, without the need for a full sized swimming pool, and your Hydropool swim spa can be adjusted to provide more or less pressure for high performance swimming, or a leisurely paddle.

If you are looking to buy a swimming pool that can both entertain and train you, a Hydropool swim spa is the perfect solution.

3users 4 Person Hot Tub
From £21,495

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Hydropool are committed to finding the perfect swim spa for your needs. Request a home visit, and our experts will work to provide you with the best swim spa for your home.

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                       These Hydropool swim spas are available to view and test at our Nottingham based showroom. Book a test today to discover the amazing health benefits of a swim spa in your home.


Our largest Hydropool swim spa is available to view and test at our Nottingham showroom. 



This spacious 4-seater swim spa is available to view and test at our Nottingham showroom.

Visit Our Showroom

Visit our large indoor hot tub showroom (newly renovated!) and find the perfect hot tub for you. We are hot tub & swim spa specialists, with the largest swim spa showroom in the Midlands which opened in January 2020. We design & build bespoke pool rooms with our sister company, Cabin Master. You can also buy hot tub chemicals here at our Nottingham hot tub showroom.

Please call to book your showroom visit- 0115 932 8888


You can create the ultimate pool room for your new Hydropool swim spa with our sister company, Cabin Master, who create luxury outdoor rooms for a range of entertainment, relaxation, and professional purposes. If you are interested in creating an outdoor pool room for your Hydropool swim spa, contact our team today to discuss a Cabin Master garden room for the ultimate swimming experience.



You can create the ultimate at-home swimming experience from as little as £21,495 for our Hydropool Aquaplay 13FFP swim spa model.

Our range of swim spas don’t just come in different sizes, they are also equipped with adjustable thigh therapy jets, lighting, programmable filtration, and more. You can browse our selection above or request a brochure to view our entire range.

About Hydropool Midlands

We are a hot tub and swim spa specialist based in Nottingham, UK, providing customers with the best way to relax or exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Curious about our selection of hot tubs and swim spas? Why not visit our showrooms in Nottingham and Studley to discover how Hydropool Midlands can enhance your home today.


Discover our range of guidance and advice on your new swim spa, including required chemicals, maintenance considerations, running costs and more.

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Can You Swim Properly in a Swim Spa?

Can you really swim in a swim spa? The answer is yes - for the same reason you can really run on a treadmill!

Swim spas are specially designed to use an adjustable current that flows against the swimmer, allowing them to swim in place and at their own pace. The strength of the current creates an adverse flow against the user, meaning that as you swim forward, the current will keep you in one position. The strength of the jets can be adjusted to allow for either a relaxed swim or a rigorous workout.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Swim Spa?

Swimming pools and swim spas will generally fall under ‘permitted development’ in the UK, meaning there is no need to seek express permission from your local council to build a swim spa or pool, provided that it is not built closer than 5 metres from the house or 1 metre from the dwelling boundary. 

How Often Do You Change the Water in a Swim Spa?

You should change the water in your swim spa at least every 6 months to avoid unnecessary chemical or bacteria build up. Changing your swim spa water frequently will give you the best quality experience.