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Discover the perfect hot tub size for your home with our selection of 1-8 person hot tubs.

Hydropool Midlands offers the highest quality hot tubs with self-cleaning functionality and luxury lighting available across our entire range.


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1 - 3 Person Hot Tubs


4 person hot tubs

4users 4 Person Hot Tub
Platinum Model From: £14,495 Gold Model From: £12,995

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5 person hot tubs

5users 5 Person Hot Tub
Platinum Model From: £14,495 Gold Model From: £12,995

6 person hot tubs

6users 6 Person Hot Tub
Platinum Model From: £14,995 Gold Model From: £13,495
6users 6 Person Hot Tub
Platinum Model From: £14,995 Gold Model From: £13,495

7 person hot tubs

8 person hot tubs

Hot Tub Dimensions

Discover the perfect dimensions for your ultimate relaxation oasis with our range of premium hot tubs. Crafted to accommodate various preferences and spaces, Hydropool’s hot tubs are meticulously designed with comfort and luxury in mind. From compact models ideal for cosy settings to spacious options perfect for entertaining, this collection offers versatility to suit every lifestyle. 


Hydropool’s hot tubs come in a range of sizes, starting with our smallest at 197 x 171 x 81cm for our Dreammaker Comfort 2000s model, up to 279.40cm x 238.76cm x 99.06cm for our Self Cleaning 970 hot tub model.

No matter what size is available in your home, you can talk to our expert team today to discuss the best hot tub for your home or garden.


Hot Tub Size Considerations


How Many People Will Use Your Hot Tub?

When selecting the size of your hot tub, it's essential to consider how many people will typically be using it at once. If you plan on hosting gatherings or enjoying the hot tub with family and friends, you'll want to ensure that the tub can accommodate everyone comfortably.


Where Will Your Hot Tub be Located?

The location of your hot tub can influence the size you choose. If you have limited space or a specific area in mind for installation, you'll need to select a hot tub size that fits within those dimensions. Additionally, consider factors such as privacy, accessibility, and aesthetics when determining the best location for your hot tub.


Maintenance Access

Easy access for maintenance is crucial for keeping your hot tub in optimal condition. When selecting a size, consider whether there will be sufficient space around the hot tub for cleaning, servicing, and accessing components such as filters and pumps. Opting for a size that allows for adequate maintenance access can make upkeep more manageable in the long run.



The size of your hot tub can impact the installation process. Ensure that you have enough space to manoeuvre the tub into its designated location without obstacles or constraints. Additionally, consider factors such as electrical requirements, plumbing connections, and any necessary permits or regulations when planning for installation. Choosing the right size can streamline the installation process and ensure a smooth transition to enjoying your new hot tub.


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How Much Does It Cost to Run a Hot Tub in the UK?

Our NASA inspired insulation technology means Hydropool hot tubs are extremely energy efficient, keeping running costs low! Typical running costs for both our self- clean and Serenity range are £1.50 - £2.50 per day based on calculations from 2023.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Hot Tub UK?

Planning permission will not be required to install a hot tub in your home or garden, provided that your building is not listed. Permission may be required for the building you wish to house your hot tub in, for instance a garden cabin, but the hot tub itself can be installed without permission.