Shell Options:

  • Alpine Mist

    Alpine Mist

  • Silver Marble

    Silver Marble

  • Pure White


Cabinet Options:

  • Midnight


  • Driftwood


19EX Executive Sport Swim Spa

From: £38,495

Largest Sport Swim Spa

  • Shell Dimensions:  220" x 93" / 558.8cm x 236.2cm
  • Height:  52.75" / 134cm
  • Volume:  9,038L
  • Weight Full: 10,412 Kg
  • Weight Empty:  1,374 Kg
  • Size Category:  19'
  • Hydrotherapy Seating:  2 People


Series Gold
Self Clean Mode Yes
HydroClean floor vacuum Yes
Removable core pressurised filter Yes
Programmable filtration cycles Yes
High flow Slipstream swim jets x1
High flow AccuFlo swim jets x2
Current Collector Yes
Back therapy jets 11
Leg/foot therapy jets 4
Adjustable thigh therapy jets 2
Hydroflex Foot Massage Yes
Total therapy jets 24
Bellagio package OPT
Underwater LED safety lighting Yes
2 extra LED's northern lights Opt
1/6hp HighdroClean filtration pump, evergreen and AquaBoost pump North American 60hz/international 50hz 3 & 5 hp
Stainless Steal HydroWise Heater EU 3kw
EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System Opt
Aquacord Swim Tether Yes
Rowing Kit Opt
SoftStride Exercise Mat Yes
24" Exercise Bar Yes
DreamSents on demand Opt
VFX Pump

VFX Pump

You will always be in charge of your swim thanks to the Variable Flow experience! The most cutting-edge pump management system in the world, the VFX, is a crucial component of our swim spas. The elimination of any water diversion results in a “Dead Center” current giving a very precise swimming current. Using the combination of the VFX Pump and the Current Collector, Hydropool generates the most predictable water current for swimming against. Also, this pump is the most energy-efficient one available! The Hydropool VFX Pump offers up to 40% more savings than the market’s other competitors!

Hydropool Swim Spa Design

Hydropool Swim Spa Design

Hydropool is one of the largest Swim Spa manufacturers in the world! Hydropool is dedicated to building superior Swim Spas, utilising all of the latest technologies combined with the newest environmental practices. The research and development team at Hydropool are constantly striving to be market leaders with cutting edge innovation and design to deliver you the best product. Key features are; recessed jets, ergonomically designed seating, safety steps inside the Swim Spa and a convenient ice bucket. The Bellagio package which includes 8 fountains is also a stunning option to include on your Swim Spa.



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Energy Efficient

  • NASA inspired insulation keeps heat inside the tub
  • Hydropool are ranked in the top 3 spa manufacturers in the world for energy efficiency
  • Insulating hard cover locks heat in and keeps cold out
  • Hydropool Evergreen pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output.

Made in Canada

  • Hydropool have been making Hot Tubs & Swim Spas for 40 years
  • Engineered for -40°c Canadian winters
  • Designed with physiotherapists & sports professionals
  • Manufactured by Hydropool in Canada

Exclusive Wellness Programs

Our Guarantee

No quibble guarantee – 10 Years on Hot Tub structure (cabinet and frame), 5 Years on hot tub shell, 3 Years on hot tub components.

Build Quality

Build Quality

35 Years Hot Tub & Swim Spa experience. Over-engineered for the UK as they’re designed to withstand extreme arctic temperatures yet retain their heat.

Easy Drain

Easy Drain

Easy drain system using shut off valve, built in drain pipe, and floor vacuum system – no need for an external sump pump to drain hot tub.

Designed with athletes & Professionals

Designed with athletes & Professionals

To provide real hydrotherapy and massage to help alleviate a wide range of ailments.

Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy

A timed sequence using multiple hot tub zones to maximise the effect of each hydrotherapy programme.

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