Maximum Efficiency Insulation

Canadian-Made, Designed For Canadian Winters

For an efficient hot tub and swim spa, it’s essential that as much heat as possible is retained in the body of water, otherwise your energy bill could sky rocket. That’s why is really important to find out how a hot tub or swim spa is insulated when you’re doing your research.

Hydropool has developed maximum efficiency insulation for minimal impact on your electricity bill.

HydroWise Thermal Shield insulation

  • Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas have been engineered for locking heat in – keeping your energy bills to a minimum.
  • Pipework is wrapped in a supporting heavy-duty plastic wrap, which creates insulating air pockets.
  • The inner shell and cabinet is insulated with triple-pane, silver-backed Thermal Shield blanket, similar to the material used in NASA space suits.
  • Waste heat from the pumps and heater is captured and redirected back into the hot tub and swim spa.
  • Heavy-duty, lockable hard cover is 4 inches thick in the middle and tapers to 3 inches at the edges to allow rain run-off. Fold areas are made with insulated baffle for locking heat in.
  • The cabinet has vents to open on hot summer days to let out excess heat (yes, they’re that well-insulated!)

hydropool hot tub insulation video

1) Setting The Standard

      • Hydropool are ranked in the top 3 spa manufacturers in the world for energy efficiency and stand-by wattage use.
      • Hydropool were one of the first spa manufacturers to be approved under strict California Energy Commission regulations.

2) NASA Inspired Technology

Hot tub & Swim Spa insulation

      • Triple Thermal Shield Technology (pipes, cabinet and floor) work in combination to retain heat.
      • Reflective foil side of Thermal Shield reflects the heat back into the hot tub or swim spa.
      • The black side of the Thermal Shield and pipe insulation is designed to absorb heat.

3) Insulating Hard Cover

      • Heavy duty insulating hard cover is 4 inches thick at the centre and tapers to 3 inches at the edges. The tapering allows for rain run-off.
      • Insulated baffle in the fold areas.
      • Locks the heat in and keeps the cold out.
        hydropool hot tub insulation

4) Energy Efficient Pumps

      • Hydropool low amperage Evergreen pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output.
      • Each pump creates 1.5 kw per hour of waste heat and our Triple Thermal Shield blanket reflects that heat back into the body of water in your hot tub or swim spa.
      • Our pumps and jets have been designed as one system. The number, style, and power of the jets is correct for the pumps.
        hot tub efficiency pumps

5) Adjustable Vents

      • HydroWise Thermal vents allow excess heat to escape from the cabinet during periods of hot weather.
        hot tub vents

6) Energy Efficient Filtration

    • Your Hydropool hot tub filters 100% of the water in only 15 minutes. This means the hot tub does not have to be operating as long to filter the same amount of water as other hot tubs.
    • Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas have one of the most energy efficient filtration systems in the world.
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