Are Hot Tubs Good For Arthritis?

If you are looking for a way to relieve arthritic pain, a hot tub could be your answer.

Hot tubs are a great way to relieve pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The combination of heat therapy and hydrotherapy can help increase blood flow, which can provide relief from pain and improve mobility.

Because we have sold thousands of hot tubs to those suffering from arthritis, we can categorically say that hot tubs are good for arthritis and many of our customers report that they experience improved mobility and reduced pain after using our hot tubs.

Note: Before purchasing a hot tub for medical reasons, please consult your doctor to see if it would be beneficial for you - this article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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What Is Arthritis And What Are The Symptoms?

Arthritis is a combination of conditions referring to joint pain and/or disease. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, develops gradually as wear and tear takes its toll on your joints.

Symptoms of arthritis include:

  • Joint swelling.
  • Stiffness.
  • Weakness in the affected area.
  • Loss of range of motion.
  • Pain when using the joint.

Arthritis can be either inherited or caused by injuries, age, and disease. In essence, it can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or health.


How Heat Helps Arthritic Pain

Before we get into the meat of this article, we need to let you know that the way in which heat affects our bones and muscles is different from person to person. That being said, here’s how heat (generally) affects arthritis pain:

Heat Therapy

There are lots of different types of heat therapy, however, the one we will be specifically concentrating on is the use of hot tubs.

When using a hot tub, your body is exposed to therapeutic levels of heat which helps reduce inflammation, joint stiffness, and even pain.

Heat increases circulation in the joints and muscles, allowing them to receive more oxygen and nutrients to repair and heal any damage done by arthritis. The warmth also soothes away the pain and discomfort caused by the condition.

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Water therapy, or hydrotherapy, uses buoyancy to reduce pressure on aching joints and muscles.

This is because when you are in a hot tub, your body effectively becomes ‘weightless’, which takes the strain off of your joints. In addition to this, water supports the body and evenly distributes heat to the affected area.

Combine this with heat and you have yourself a powerful remedy for arthritis pain.

The Benefits Of Heat Therapy

Increased Blood Flow

Heat increases blood flow to your joints, which increases the oxygen and nutrient levels in those areas of your body.

This can help reduce pain caused by inflammation. Similar to exercising, hot tubs can increase blood flow to the affected areas and help reduce pain.

The jets that push water around the hot tub can also increase blood flow by gently massaging the joints.

The good news is, you don't have to exert yourself to benefit from this - sitting in a hot tub can produce many of the same benefits as exercising (without having to exert yourself).

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Relaxes Your Muscles

Heat also helps to relax stiff muscles, so if you have trouble moving around freely due to stiffness, heat can help with that. (A lot of people combine this with a mild muscle rub or massage).

There are a few ways you can go about this; you could go in a hot sauna or steam room, jump into a hot bath or try a relaxing hot tub.

Each method has its pros and cons, however, for overall convenience and effectiveness, a hot tub is the way to go.

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Improves The Movement In Your Joints

By default, when you warm up a tired muscle or a sore joint, you simultaneously improve the movement in that area of your body - your blood vessels expand and carry more oxygen-rich blood to the affected area and, with this comes better circulation and therefore, improved joint movement.

That's why, as adults, it's always best to keep moving, even if it's just doing a few simple stretches, exercise, or sitting in a hot tub; the short- and long-term benefits are well worth the effort!

Enhances Sleep Quality

As well as reducing pain, heat therapy can help improve your overall sleep quality. People suffering from arthritis often experience difficulty sleeping due to their pain and discomfort. 

Heat therapy helps relax the muscles and reduce inflammation so it’s easier for you to get a good night’s rest.

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Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Heat therapy is also great for reducing levels of stress and anxiety - the warmth of a hot tub helps to relax tight muscles which, in turn, reduces tension in your body.

It's amazing how so many of our body's ailments can be solved simply by taking a few moments to relax.

Improves Overall Well-Being

Heat therapy can help improve your overall well-being; it can increase energy levels and help you feel more relaxed and positive.

Any sort of relaxation helps to reduce stress, anxiety and tension which can help you feel calmer, more focused, and energised.

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The Beauty Of A Home Hot Tub/Spa

The fact that you don't need to leave your house to benefit from the therapeutic effects of a hot tub is a major plus - having your own hot tub/spa at home means you can use it whenever you want.

There are many models to choose from depending on your needs and budget, so take some time to research the best one for you.

Don't forget, you can now buy hot tub enclosures that enable you to bring the comforts of indoor living outdoors. This is, essentially, a separate garden room that has been modified to house a hot tub, making it very easy to use and look great at the same time.

So, not only do you not have to leave home, but it can also be done in complete privacy and comfort.

These enclosures can be supplied via our sister brand Cabin Master, where we create hot tub enclosures tailored to your needs and style.

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1. Can a hot tub aggravate arthritis?

Studies have shown that a hot tub actually helps to relieve the pain associated with arthritis. The heat of a hot tub can help reduce joint stiffness and increase blood flow to affected areas, providing relief from the discomfort of arthritis.

2. Are hot tubs good for your joints?

By reducing the weight on your joints, hot tubs can provide relief to painful and stiff joints. The heat of a hot tub helps increase circulation, which helps reduce stiffness and tension in the muscles around your joints. This reduces the pain associated with arthritis.

3. Is a hot tub good for inflammation?

The term hydrotherapy is often used to describe the use of a hot tub to reduce inflammation. The combination of massage and heat can help relax muscle tension and reduce pain associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

4. Can a hot tub make inflammation worse?

As long as the water is not too hot, a hot tub actually helps reduce inflammation from arthritis and other conditions. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before using a hot tub if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant.

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In Summary

Heat therapy can be a great way to manage arthritis-related pain and stiffness. Whether it’s in the form of a hot bath or a therapeutic hot tub session, its benefits are undeniable.

While it won’t cure arthritis, heat therapy can help reduce pain and improve joint movement. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, as well as improve your overall sleep quality.

If you are experiencing some symptoms of arthritis, why not give it a try and see how it works for you?

If done properly, it may just be the answer you’ve been looking for…

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