Premium Materials :

  • Chill Tubs Material

Chill Tubs Ice Baths

1 Person Hot Tub

Immersive Cold Water Therapy Experience

  • 1 Person
  • Outer dimensions: 
  • Volume: 400 L
  • Weight: 125kg


Key Features
Power Supply 13amp
Temperature 3 degrees
Draning Hose Pipe connection
Antifreeze function Prevents formation of ice & frost
Ozone & Filtration Built in ozone & filtration system
Cover Included
Materials Stainless Steel 304, Teak, Aluminum

Benefits of an Ice Bath


Reduced Inflammation

Ice cold water helps to reduce inflammation by constricting your blood vessels and decreasing the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids.


Pain Relief

After strenuous exercise or physical activity, ice baths may help lessen muscle soreness and pain. The pain signals conveyed to the brain can be reduced as the effect of cold water can numb nerve endings.


Improved Recovery

By lowering inflammation and increasing blood flow to sore muscles, ice baths may hasten the healing process after exercise.


Mental Benefits

Ice baths have been shown to have mental benefits as they can improve mood and reduce stress. The body releases endorphins when submerged in cold water which promote the feeling of happiness and well-being.

Chill tub 2

Maintaining your ice bath

Maintaining your Chill Tub is super important and easy! Keeping on top of maintenance means your ice bath will be clean and hygienic and reduces any risk of damage. Combining both treatment and prevention will help protect your ice tub. Establishing a good maintenance routine and ensuring proper use of your Chill tub will keep it looking brand new!

For maintenance we firstly recommend you change your filter every 3 months depending on usage. We also suggest cleaning your filter once a month to elongate its life cycle and get the most use out of it! Keeping the cover on when it's not in use also ensures your ice bath stays nice, clean and functional!


Setting up your ice bath

Setting up your ice bath could never be easier, once your Chill Tub has been delivered and is in your desired position in your garden, you can simply fill it with a garden hose. It will take less than 45 mins to fill

Next connect your Chill Tub to electrics by plugging in your ice bath into a 13amp socket, then set the temperature to your choosing and within a few hours you will be able to submerge yourself and begin to experience the benefits of cold water therapy. 

We recommend that you change the water every 8-12 weeks then repeat the first three steps, to ensure clean and fresh water!


Are ice baths good for you?

Ice baths have recently gained popularity due to their proven health benefits and are a great recovery resource to relieve any aches or pains. They have many benefits including, reducing inflammation, pain relief, enhanced immune function, improved mental state and enhanced muscle recovery.

How long should you be in an ice bath for?

It is recommended that you don’t exceed 15 minutes in an ice bath per day. 5 - 15 minutes is the optimal amount of time to spend in an Ice Bath, if you are aiming for 15 minutes it is also advised that you build up to that slowly.

How frequently should you go in an ice bath?

2-4 times a week is the recommended number of ice baths a week, if you are just starting cold water therapy it is advised to take it slowly.

How do I prepare for my first ice bath?

  1. Fill your ice bath
  2. Start with warm up exercises 
  3. Get in slowly
  4. Focus on breathing
  5. Get out slowly
  6. Warm up afterwards

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