Q: What is the difference between a Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub and Hydropool Serenity hot tub?

A: Our Hydropool Serenity range still includes our build quality and marketing leading insulation with the Hydropool 10 year comprehensive manufacturers guarantee, great for recreational use.

Our Self Cleaning models are more ergonomically designed. Working with medical experts we have designed a product to enhance the overall hot tub experience. Our self cleaning hot tubs work like commercial based filtration. The bather is not exposed to the same body of water as the filters. The top side skimmer filter and built-in floor vacuum removes debris. The whole body of water is filtered every 15 minutes. This dramatically decreases your chemical input (compared with a regular hot tub) and reduces the requirement for general maintenance, so you are able to spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less in maintaining it.

Q: What’s the difference between Gold and Platinum?

1) Our Gold models have less jets overall but enable fewer people to maximise the power with topside diverters,  more suited to people who will use fewer of the hot tub seats majority of the time but still have the capacity for more people for the rare occasions they occur

2) Our Platinum range with more power and jets will be more focussed for customers with aches and pains or those who plan for the hot tub be at greater capacity majority of the time.

3) Titanium (Self Cleaning model 970 only) to make up for the additional space in our largest model we have increased our platinum specification with an extra pump and additional jets

Q: What guarantee comes with my hot tub or swim spa?

A: No quibble guarantee – 10 years on structure (cabinet and frame), 5 years on shell, 3 years on components.

Make sure you get a hot tub with a full guarantee. Warranties imply there is small print involved, which can mean the warranty could be void if using different chemicals or the customer must pay X amount for any repairs, kind of like an excess on car insurance.

Q: Other companies say they are ‘self clean’

A: Hydropool is the only manufacturer in the world with a built in floor vacuum system – If a hot tub doesn’t have a track of inlets on the floor or a triangular floor plate it is NOT a self cleaning system

Q: What power supply is needed and who is responsible for providing power from the house?

A: As a general rule a hot tub with 1 pump (gold range) needs 20 amp supply. A hot tub with 2 pumps (Platinum range) needs 32 amp supply. A hot tub with 3 pumps (Titanium) likely needs a 40 amp supply. A 32 amp supply can be stepped down to 20 amps. The customer should consult a qualified electrician.

Power supply is required to an external isolation switch, then a cable to the hot tub. This cable needs to reach the furthest corner of the hot tub, plus an extra 4 metres. The customer is responsible for hiring a qualified electrician to install the power supply from the to house to the hot tub.

Q: What are the running costs of a hot tub?

A: The average cost over the course of a year are less than £1 per day including chemicals and power. There are many variables which can affect running costs, such as the outdoor temperature, how frequently the hot tub is used and how often the cover is off. Luckily, Hydropool has spent a lot of time on research and development in making our hot tubs as energy efficient as possible, and as insulating as possible so minimal heat is wasted.

Q: What temperature should my hot tub be set to?

A: 37 degrees Celsius / 100 degrees Fahrenheit – Normal body temperature. Hydropool hot tubs can be set anywhere between 15 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees celsius. Any hot tub that can be set over 40 degrees is not CE approved.

Q: What do I need to know about choosing where to have my hot tub or swim spa?

A: If your hot tub will be placed outside:

i) Don’t place in a low area that may get flooded during a heavy storm.

ii) Don’t put it in or around any sand. If sand gets into the hot tub it can cause serious damage.

iii) Make sure that the surface is firm and level, preferably on a flat, concrete slab.

iv) If you are planning to have a hot tub installed on a patio or deck, have a structural engineer inspect the deck to ensure it can support the weight of the hot tub filled with water and people. An average four person hot tub weighs between 2.5 – 5 tons when full.